Bootstrap popovers with Views

If you are using a Bootstrap based theme, then you’ll probably be familiar with many of the built-in components that come with the Bootstrap framework. Most of these components can be implemented directly using data attributes in your HTML and this makes them accessible to us directly from Views. In this article we are going to be using Views to add a popover directly to our custom post data displayed on the page. We don’t have to add any styling or create html for the popover, we just need to set data-attributes in our view and one line of jQuery … Continued

Using icons for your cred edit and delete links

The CRED shortcodes cred_link_form and cred_delete_post_link allow you to add links to edit/delete the current record in your view loops. The following shows an example Bookings list, with links for the user to edit/delete each booking post. We can easily replace the Edit and Delete text in our links just by setting the shortcode text attribute to the html for one of the WP Dashicons or Fontawesome icons (if you have Fontawesome installed). In the image below, I’ve replaced the text links with the icon html. You can see the code for the two links using both fontawesome and dashicons. … Continued