Umberto Zanesi

Professional and fresh graphic design for WordPress websites and graphical user interfaces. Umberto has 12 years experience designing websites and graphics, and understanding exactly what customers are looking for. Since 2012 he is been developing websites using WordPress and WP-Types Toolset. Umberto thinks hard about usability in websites design and aim for a simple approach. Good design is often about simplicity and legibility. As he is designer but also web developer he focuses on usability and navigability in his projects. Toolset gives the flexibility to design and organize content dynamically and achieve the results that customers are looking for. The idea is to involve the client deeply in the design process. The goal is to achieve the most usable interface, in an original graphical context. A good design should deliver a pleasant experience for the user along with a distinguishing “look” for the site, but it also should be functional and dynamic to help an understanding of the site structure and content to come through.

  • Responsive, functional, original and fresh design
  • WordPress, Toolset and WPML technology
  • Committed to usability and simplicity

Articles by Umberto