CRED User forms – custom registration form

Closed door - cred registration

The latest release of CRED V1.4 includes support for User forms.  This gives you the ability to build custom registration forms for your own sites within Toolset.  We’ve just implemented the new functionality on a new site and the accompanying video runs through the process and the user form functionality. For our implementation, we wanted our users to register and be logged in automatically to the site.  We needed a little php to achieve this and there’s a new gist with the code you’ll need to implement it in your own site.

Views – Dependent values for parametric search – a first look

Parametric search in Views allows your site visitors to search through posts by specifying a number of different parameters.So say you are on a holiday home portal, looking for a rental house by the beach, you’ll probably be presented with a search form that lets you choose the number of rooms; the location; whether there is a pool or not and a price range.  Hit the Search button and you’ll be presented with a set of results that matches your criteria. We are all familiar with this pattern, and it’s something that Views does well straight out of the box. … Continued